Local WIC Staff Breastfeeding Resources

This page was created for Connecticut WIC staff to access all State and local agency developed breastfeeding resources in one place.  Resources posted to this page are intended for State and local agency staff only.

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Breastfeeding Content Sheets

The Breastfeeding Content Sheets were developed by the Local agency Breastfeeding Coordinators workgroup for WIC nutrition staff to provide consistent messaging on breastfeeding promotion and support.  It is expected that the Breastfeeding Content Sheets will be used for training new staff and reminding veteran staff of key information about common breastfeeding topics.  Content sheets are not to be distributed to participants.

Exclusive Breastfeeding CT WIC December 2020
Building and Maintaining a Milk Supply CT WIC December 2020
Pumping for Medical Reasons CT WIC December 2020
Pumping for Separation-Work and School CT WIC December 2020
Weaning is a Part of Breastfeeding CT WIC December 2020

Secrets of Baby Behavior Final December 2020

Sleep timeline (English SBB attachment)

Sleep timeline (Spanish SBB attachment)

Hunger Cues (English)

Hunger Cues (Spanish)

Infant States (English)

Infant States (Spanish)

Supporting Breastfeeding Goals of Overweight and Obese Women Final December 2020

Supporting Breastfeeding During Disasters and Emergencies Final December 2020

WIC Breastfeeding Presentations
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Breastfeeding Numbered Memorandums

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