How To Apply

Please fill out the online Interest Form to begin your application process.  A WIC staff member will contact you with information on how to complete your application.  

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You can also get started and set up your appointment by phone.  Click HERE to find a WIC office near you.   

What are the eligibility requirements?
  • Must meet the WIC income guidelines which are set at or below 185% of the federal poverty income limit (WIC can count an unborn infant as a household member unless it is against your beliefs to do so). **
  • Complete a nutrition assessment with WIC staff.  You and your WIC nutritionist will talk about you, your baby’s or your child’s eating habits, overall health, and any questions about your family’s health or nutrition goals. 
  • Live in Connecticut but you do not need to be a U.S. citizen. (WIC does not require proof of citizenship or alien status and participation in WIC will not affect your immigration or naturalization status).

**Recipients of the Special Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP, assistance under the Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) program or the HUSKY (Medicaid) program are automatically income-eligible for the WIC program. A person who documents that he/she is a member of a family that contains a TFA recipient or that contains a pregnant woman or an infant who receives HUSKY/Medicaid shall also be determined adjunctively income eligible for WIC.



Participants Rights and Responsibilities Form - Spanish


Participants Rights and Responsibilities Form - English



How to use your eWIC card brochure      



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  • Use store savings cards, coupons and store promotions to save money and help us serve more people.
  • Respect WIC staff and store employees. Giving false information and buying the wrong foods is abuse, as well as, physical and/or verbal actions against other WIC participants, WIC staff, property or store employees.
  • If you feel that a store, a WIC participant or a staff person is doing something wrong, call you the State WIC office toll free 1-800-741-2142 local WIC office.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.  



For the full USDA Non-Discrimination Statement CLICK HERE