What is an informal conference? What is the purpose?

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How an informal conference can help you


An informal conference gives you the opportunity to do the following:

  • Ask for penalty reductions.
  • Resolve disputed citations and penalties.
  • Discuss ways to correct violations.
  • Establish alternate abatement dates.


Informal conferences must be scheduled within 15 working days from the date you receive the written inspection report.


Informal conferences do not take the place of filing a written notice if you desire to contest citations, proposed penalties, and/or abatement dates.


The following actions will increase your likelihood of receiving a penalty reduction:

  • Demonstrating enhanced procedures and accountability for self-monitoring to prevent recurrence of same and similar conditions may result in a moderate reduction.
  • Demonstrating improved, periodic self-inspections of facilities to prevent repetitive-type safety and health hazards and eliminate the introduction of new potential hazards into the workplace may result in a substantial reduction.
  • Committing to a comprehensive safety and health program which includes strong management leadership, accountability, follow-up, and employee participation may result in a maximum reduction.

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