Under what circumstances can public employees request a workplace inspection from CONN-OSHA?

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Requesting a workplace inspection as a public employee


Public sector employees (i.e. municipal and state agency employees) and representatives of public sector employees are afforded the opportunity under Section 31-374(f)(1) of the Connecticut Occupational Safety and Health Act to request, in writing, a workplace inspection by CONN-OSHA if the employee(s)/representative(s) believes one of the following:

  • A violation of a safety or health standard exists that threatens physical harm, OR
  • An imminent danger exists.

Note that provisions under the Connecticut Occupational Safety and Health Act protect public sector employees from being discriminated against for filing complaints with CONN-OSHA. The specific legislation is codified as Labor Law Sec. 31-379.


You can either download the CONN-OSHA Complaints form or use the CONN-OSHA Online Complaint Form to file a complaint online. To download and view the complaint form, you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader. 


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