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File Formats, Excel Sheet Templates & Information for Bulk Filers

We will be making several updates to file formats and templates in ReEmployCT. This page is meant to communicate these updates to employers. 


Updates to File Formats and Excel Sheet Templates 

Below is a list of all the file format and template updates that we have made to date. We will continue to add to this list as more updates become available. 

  • Record F will be removed.
  • There is no set record sequence in the new file format. However, we suggest S records followed by T records, which is similar to current reporting. 
  • There will be no file size limitation for the wage or payment file in the new system. 
  • There will be no limit to how many files you can upload per day. 
  • The UI File name is not required in the new system, but there will be a 276-character limit. The UI File name must also have a .txt extension.
  • When filing an original Tax and Wage Report or when filing an Adjusted Tax and Wage Report (Amendments), bulk filers should use either the New ICESA or the MMREF formats to upload wages. You can find these new formats in the New File Formats for Bulk Filers section below. 


Information for Bulk Filers

The information and resources below are for bulk filers who are third party agents (TPAs). 

If you are a TPA who (1) needs to file an amendment/correction return or perform account maintenance for their client, and (2) is authorized by the client, then your ReEmployCT account needs to be linked to the client’s ReEmployCT account.

Note that your client does not have to be linked to your TPA credentials unless you need to file a correction or view their CTDOL account details for account maintenance.


Resources for Bulk Filers


Information for TPAs to Link Client Accounts


Employer Account Numbers

The old system assigned a 7-digit registration number to your client(s). In ReEmployCT, we convert this number into a 10-digit Employer Account Number (EAN) by adding three trailing zeros to the end of the 7-digit registration number. 

Employers can learn more about EANs on the Overview page. 


Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see answers to your questions on the Frequently Asked Questions page, send us an email at


Additional Resources for Employers


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