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Notice to Employer of Claim Filed and Request for Information

The employer notification form 21A, officially the ‘Notice to Employer of Claim Filed and Request for Information’, is the notice that an individual has filed for unemployment benefits and is charging against the company or organization. This form is automatically generated by the ReEmployCT system, just as it was in the old unemployment system. To help reduce fraud and non-fraud overpayments, Connecticut is among the states that notifies employers when unemployment applications charge to them. The 21A notice is one of the first lines of defense in combatting unemployment fraud.

As part of the eligibility process, when someone files their application for unemployment benefits, they must list their previous employers within a certain time period. The employer receives the notification by U.S. mail or email and, if they are signed up, through the SIDES system. If the employer is represented by a Third-Party Agent, the notice will go to the Third-Party Agent.

The employer should respond to the notice and confirm or protest the claim application. If an employer receives a notification form for an employee who still works for them, or who they know is currently employed, this most likely indicates a fraudulent application has been filed and, in the case of a real employee, that their identity has been stolen.

Employers and identity theft victims can report fraud and get information about identity theft. It is important to file notice of identity theft with both the CT Department of Labor and local police departments. 

  • Submit the ID Theft Report Form
    (For employees and individuals who have had unemployment benefits filed in their name without their consent)
  • Submit the Unemployment Fraud Report Form
    (For whenever you see unemployment fraud occurring--e.g., someone who is working and collecting benefits; someone who is giving false answers on weekly certification forms; and other fraud activities)

Employers may respond to notifications:

  • Through the SIDES system, if they are signed up with SIDES; 
  • Through ReEmployCT QuickAccess;
  • By fax: (866) 754 - 1410; or
  • By mail:
    Connecticut Department of Labor
    Adjudications Division
    645 South Main St.
    Middletown, CT 06457