Office of the State Building Inspector

How To

Apply for a Building Permit

State Construction

For state construction projects on which the Office of the State Building Inspector (OSBI) is the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), all applications for permits, including the associated construction documents, must be submitted electronically. Paper documentation will not be accepted. Please read the electronic submission guidance.

All first time submissions must be accompanied by a completed Building Permit Application form and sent to If the construction documents can be e-mailed, please include them at the time of submission or provide a link from where they can be downloaded. 

Please ensure all relevant information is submitted along with the application. OSBI will engage the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) in the review.

For state construction not involving OSBI, please contact the state agency commissioning the work for their approval and inspection requirements. Pursuant to C.G.S. section 29-252a(d)(2), where a building permit has not been issued by OSBI, the agency who administers the project shall provide OSBI with a statement of substantial compliance with the State Building Code, the Fire Safety Code and the regulations lawfully adopted under said codes. A standard template letter is located here, or an equivalent letter should be sent to 

Non-State Construction

For non state construction, please contact the building department of the municipality where the project is located.

Request Inspections

For inspections on projects where OSBI and OSFM are the AHJs, please complete the request form and email it to, copied to the lead OSBI and/or OSFM inspector for the project.

All inspection requests require 48 hours notice. Once you have been assigned an inspector, please discuss the potential use of remote video inspections (RVIs) with them.

Request Modifications and Exemptions

OSBI and OSFM review requests for modifications to the State Building Code and State Fire Safety Code, accessibility requirements, and the codes and regulations that apply to elevators and boilers etc.

Applications for those requests shall be made using the standard forms.