DAS Construction services library of manuals and forms
Construction service library

DAS Construction services library

The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) offers a thorough library of construction resources. Browse the state of Connecticut’s building policies and general letters. These files cover procedures, project manuals, and guidelines.

You can find the following documents here:

  • 0000 Series Project Manuals and Guidelines
  • 4000 Series RFP documents
  • 5200 Series Design-Bid-Build Projects 
  • 7000 Series Construction Phase Forms
  • 7001 Form Equal or Substitute Product Request
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Manuals and forms

The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Construction Services division provides an online library of manuals and forms for use by DAS Project Managers and their Design Consultants and Construction Contractors.  The library is organized by the various stages of design and construction.

Browse 0000 Series files to find construction project rules, guidelines, and directions for best results.
Explore 1000 Series documents. Decide what to build. Choose the right workers. See how to start projects.
Find files for choosing the right construction experts, including selection criteria and evaluation sheets.
Search forms for choosing a Construction Manager at Risk, including criteria, assessment sheets, and other paperwork.
Get files such as templates and guidelines for creating construction project contracts between different parties.
Find documents for the construction design phase, like architectural and engineering templates and rules.
Access the 4000 Series Request For Proposal (RFP) file to find guidelines for specific construction projects.
Get documents related to the general terms and requirements that apply to construction projects.
Find 5200 Series materials related to construction projects that follow the Design-Bid-Build approach.
Find documents that contain sets of conditions and requirements specific to Design-Build projects.
Get files that include rules and standards for projects involving a Construction Manager at Risk.
Browse files for construction project contractors to submit for the proposal phase of project selection.
Explore documents such as the 7000 Series for the project phase where the actual construction work takes place.
Get technical guidelines, specifications, and other information that are more specialized for different projects.
Access administrative forms for record-keeping and project management during construction projects.