Statewide Leasing and Property Transfer
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State real estate

DAS Statewide Leasing and Property Transfer handles real estate business for the state. It provides services to most state agencies and the judicial branch.

As of June 30, 2023, DAS has completed 201 leases and lease-outs totaling 1.7 million net usable square feet.

If you want to lease, buy, transfer, or sell to the state, there’s more information below.

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Purchase surplus State-owned real estate

Statewide Leasing and Property Transfer is responsible for selling surplus State-owned real estate.
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Lease your space to the State

Statewide Leasing and Property Transfer conducts real estate transactions on behalf of the State.
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Information for current lessors, lessees, buyers, and sellers

Find documents, resources, and notices for those doing real estate business with the State.
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Request space for your State agency

Find out how State agencies can request space.
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Lease State-owned real estate

Reach out to DAS for more information on leasing from the State.

Contact Statewide Leasing and Property Transfer

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Phone: 860-713-5600

Shane P. Mallory, RPA, BOMI-HP - Administrator

Thomas J. Pysh - Supervising Property Agent