Councils, Boards and Commissions
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Policy and oversight

Welcome to Connecticut’s official page for councils, boards, and commissions within the Department of Administrative Services. These groups, which handle everything from educational technology, to fire safety, are divided into agency boards and commissions – which are directly managed by DAS – and independent boards and commissions – which are within DAS for administrative purposes but retain independent decision-making authority.

Learn about the work of DAS boards and commissions.

Agency boards, councils, commissions, and committees

Learn about the boards, councils, commissions, and committees directly managed by DAS.

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Commission for Educational Technology

The Commission for Educational Technology is responsible for integration of technology in Connecticut's schools, libraries, colleges, and universities.
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Codes and Standards Committee

The Codes and Standards Committee adopts building codes and hears appeals on building and fire safety decisions.
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Employees’ Review Board

The Employees' Review Board decides personnel appeals of state managers and confidential employees who are not included in a collective bargaining unit.

School Building Project Advisory Council

The Connecticut School Building Projects Advisory Council sets standards and guidelines for achievement for school construction and modernization projects.

Independent boards and commissions

Learn about the boards and commissions that have independent decision-making authority.


The Office of the Claims Commissioner

The Office of The Claims Commissioner handles claims against the state of Connecticut.

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The State Insurance and Risk Management Board

The State Insurance and Risk Management Board administers a comprehensive and cost effective insurance and risk management program.


The State Marshal Commission

The State Marshal Commission sets setting training and professional standards, as well as and administrative processes for the efficient and fair operation of the state marshal system.
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The State Property Review Board (SPRB)

The State Properties Review Board oversees Connecticut's real estate activities, ensuring compliance with state laws and prudent practices.

Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority

The CT Paid Leave Authority helps people care for themselves or a loved one without losing income.