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Become a building official in CT

Learn about becoming a building official. This page points you to different sections of the website where you can find all the essential details.

You'll learn what you need to do to get trained, licensed, and certified as a building official. It's like a roadmap showing you every step of the journey, from starting your training to getting your official certification.

Enforcement official

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How do you become a licensed building code enforcement official?

Explore how to become a Building Code Official in Connecticut. Learn about two routes: comprehensive training or direct testing. Check eligibility, understand training schedules, and prepare for quarterly exams.

Become a building official  
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Step by step process to become a building official

Explore the journey to becoming a certified Building Official. Access training programs, study materials, and track continuing education credits through the OEDM Learning Portal.

Connecticut state building code

Explore Connecticut's State Building Code for guidelines, processes, and advice on building standards and safety.

OEDM Career development and training

Enhance your skills with free career development classes for building and fire code professionals in Connecticut, offered by OEDM.


Office of education and data management (OEDM)

OEDM performs all credentialing responsibilities. This includes training, testing, and maintaining records.

Building code enforcement official Exams

Explore building code enforcement official exam schedules, applications, study materials, and testing policies.

Check class status

Check whether your building code enforcement training courses, seminars, conferences, or exams have been cancelled, delayed, or rescheduled.