How to become a Licensed Building Code Enforcement Official


There are two routes to becoming a licensed building code enforcement official within the State of Connecticut – training and testing. To be admitted to either the Pre-Licensure Training Program or the credentialing examination for one of the nine categories of licensure, you must first meet the statutory and/or regulatory requirements established for that license.

The Pre-Licensure Training Program is designed to assist qualified individuals prepare for their licensure examination. The next set of Pre-Licensure Training Programs is set to begin in January of 2025.  

The tests for Building Official and the eight subcategories of licensure are offered four times a year (Quarterly Exams). The exam for Building Official licensure is six-hours in length; for the other subcategories, length of exams vary by licensure type.  

Both the Pre-Licensure Training Program final exams and the Quarterly Exams are based on the code books adopted in the current Connecticut State Building Code.