State Building Code Interpretations


The State Building Inspector issues formal interpretations of the State Building Code pursuant to the authority granted by Section 29-252 of the Connecticut General Statutes. These interpretations may be issued at the request of a local building official or by the general public. The final interpretations are the opinion of the State Building Inspector.

Disclaimer:The State Building Inspector’s interpretations are limited in scope to those codes and amendments to the uniform codes that the State Building Inspector promulgated.  These interpretations may be requested by local building officials or the general public.  Formal interpretations are the opinions of the State Building Inspector under the authority granted by Connecticut General Statutes 29-252 (c):

CGS 29-252(c): The State Building Inspector or his designee may issue official interpretations of the State Building Code, including interpretations of the applicability of any provision of the code, upon the request of any person. The State Building Inspector shall compile and index each interpretation and shall publish such interpretations at periodic intervals not exceeding four months.