Traffic Detour Evaluation

Traffic Detours are established to temporarily close a section of roadway or a ramp during construction to perform a specific work activity. 

Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Division of Traffic Engineering Traffic Detour Evaluation Guide provides directions for evaluation and design of a detour route for a proposed roadway closure:

Traffic Detour Evaluation Guide  -  11/19/19


The following supplemental documents should also be considered during the detour evaluation and design:

Detour_Plan_Samples  -  11/19/19

List of Traffic Control Signals with Railroad Pre-Emption  -  11/19/19


Additional Resources:

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways

Form 817 Specifications for Roads, Bridges, Facilities and Incidental Construction

Traffic Engineering Special Provisions

Traffic Engineering Standard Drawings

Sign Catalog


Requests for additional information should be addressed to:


Division of Traffic Engineering



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