Project Design

Designs and reviews traffic engineering related aspects of construction projects.
Develops and maintains the asset management program for signs on State roadways.
Administers the Railway-Highway Grade Crossing program.
Responsibilities include:
  • Design and review project plans, specifications, and estimates for:

  • maintenance and protection of traffic and detours
  • signs and pavement markings
  • traffic control signals
  • Design and review traffic operational analysis reports and models associated with roadway construction projects;
  • Program projects for sign upgrades on State roadways;
  • Maintain the CTDOT Sign Management Program and CTDOT Sign Catalog;
  • Administer CTDOT Logo and Attraction sign programs;
  • Program projects for improvements to railway/highway at-grade crossings;
  • Design and review roadway construction projects with public railway-highway grade crossing involvement;
  • Develop and maintain special provisions, standards sheets, and guide details for signs, pavement markings, and temporary traffic control.

Requests for additional information should be addressed to:

Tracy L. Fogarty, P.E.
Transportation Principal Engineer