The Sign Catalog is for informational purposes only.  

The sign details located on ProjectWise are to be used for sign fabrication.

The Division of Traffic Engineering will continuously update the Sign Catalog as revisions are made. The 2009 MUTCD shall be used to determine the appropriate signs.

Adobe DocumentSign Catalog

The Sign Catalog provides links to sign details located on ProjectWise. If you have access to ProjectWise and would like to access sign details using the Sign Catalog, please update your web browser to make Bluebeam your default PDF reader program.

Sign details may also be accessed at the links below.

 Sign Series PDF Files 
30 Series – Regulatory Signs  



40 Series – Warning Signs




50 Series – Guide and Informational Signs




70 Series - Signs Maintained by Others




80 Series - Construction Signs




90 Series – Durational – Short Term Signs




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