What is an overpayment waiver?

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Non-fraud overpayments

If we paid you too much in unemployment benefits, you may not have to pay back all or any of it. We will make that decision based on your family income, health, bankruptcy, and the availability of federal benefits. 

A waiver lets people keep all or some of the overpayment they received. You may be eligible if:

  • You, your former employer, or CT Department of Labor made a mistake
  • The Employment Security Appeals Division decides you aren't eligible for unemployment benefits after you have alredy received benefit payments

If we think you are eligible for a waiver, we will send you a letter with a waiver questionnaire and a hearing request form. You have only 14 days from the date on the letter to complete the questionnaire and form and mail them to us.

If you didn’t receive a waiver questionnaire, you may not be eligible for a waiver.

Call the Department of Labor's Consumer Contact Center with questions.

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