How do I repay unemployment overpayments?

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Repaying unemployment overpayments


You can voluntarily pay online or by mail: 


  • Pay online:

The Connecticut Department of Labor is now accepting credit cards and electronic checks as forms of payment to repay your unemployment compensation overpayment.

To make a credit card or electronic check payment, you must visit the Official Payments website (ACI Payments, Inc.) at

A fee will be charged for using this service.
The fee is a small percentage of the total payment.
You will be informed of the amount and you may elect to cancel the transaction.

Questions concerning credit card and electronic check transactions must be addressed directly through Official Payments. Visit their site the Official Help Page or call 1-800-487-4567.


  • Pay by mail by sending a check or money order to:

    Connecticut Department of Labor
    PO Box 30290
    Hartford, CT 06150

If you don’t, we collect the overpayment plus any penalties and interest from your:

  • Current unemployment benefit payments
  • Future unemployment benefit payments ("offsets")
  • Wages ("wage garnishments")
  • State and federal tax refunds

If you live in another state, we will partner with it to collect what you owe.

If you file for unemployment benefits while owing an overpayment amount, we will reduce your weekly benefit payment by:

  • 50% for non-fraudulent overpayments
  • 100% for fraudulent overpayments

Repaying overpayments