Fill your Job Openings, Bridge the Skills Gap, and Promote Diversity

Finding potential candidates in this tight labor market is challenging for most businesses. Take a fresh approach to your recruitment practices and tap into a more extensive and diverse group of potential candidates to fill your job postings.

Untapped talent pool candidates transition successfully to jobs with supportive practices.

Examples of Untapped Talent Pools

Persons With:

Mental Health Challenges
Developmental/Neurodiversity Challenges
Physical Disability
Health Problems (temporary, chronic/long-term illness)
History of Substance Abuse/Alcohol Abuse

Persons Without:

History of Employment
Specialized Training/Degrees/ Advanced Degrees
High School Diploma
Traditional Qualifications


Previously Incarcerated
Refugees or Asylum Seekers
Retirees/ post-working-age population who could work


Long Term Unemployed
Caretakes or Children or Adults
Young People not in Education, Employment, or Training
College Graduates
Relocating Partners or Spouses
Unemployed Parents
Low-Income Households

Talent Pools


Veterans, as well as their family members, are valuable members of our workforce. 

Persons with Disabilities 

Persons with disabilities is a talent pool offering individuals who have a diverse array and level of skills.

Previously Incarcerated 

Previously incarcerated persons are largely under-represented in our workforce. 

Refugees/Asylum Seekers/Immigrants  

Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Immigrants have a wide variety of experience, training, and certifications outside the U.S.

Older Workers 

Older Workers bring tremendous value to the workforce with their years of experience, variety of skills, and wealth of knowledge.

Long-Term Unemployed 

Workers who have been unemployed for a minimum of six months are considered long-term unemployed.