How can I access DDS Supports?

How can I Access DDS Supports?

We’re Here to Support You

DDS is dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities through our programs and services. We aim to provide the right level of support to everyone we partner with.

If you or a family member is eligible for services, we’ll connect you with a Case Manager or other support to begin the process. They can help with things like:

  • Finding a job or day service
  • Living and transportation services
  • Family and therapeutic support 

Please note, you must be eligible to access services.


DDS Helpline and Traditional Case Management


If you are eligible, our department will help connect you with the right support.

If You Do Not Have a Case Manager


If you do not have a case manager, the DDS Help Line and staff can help with things like:

  • Picking the right services
  • Family grants and respite
  • Medical appointments
  • Transition education
  • Referrals to community resources


If You Have a Case Manager


Traditional Case Management works with you to assess your needs and develop an individualized plan. Your case manager will get to know you, your family, and work with you to find your level of need.



Get Residential Support

Community Living

Individuals and families work with their case manager during the annual Individual Planning (IP) process. This process helps your case manager identify if you have an unmet residential need.


Two forms are used to complete this process: the Support Survey and Residential Request Assessment. The Residential Request Assessment serves to categorize unmet residential needs; emergency, urgent, or future need.

Community Living Services 


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Find a Job or Day Program

If you need help getting a job, getting job training, or finding the right day program, we can help.

  • If you are in high school, DDS Transition Advisors and Helpline Case Managers will begin discussing employment or day supports with you around age 16. They will start the planning process so you can be considered for funding the year you exit special education services at 22.
  • If you have graduated high school and need help finding a job or day program, please contact your Case Manager or the DDS Helpline for next steps.
Find Employment and Day Services 

Hire DDS Services

Hire for DDS Services

Choose the right support for your family

Funding is now provided directly to you and your family, so you’re in charge of how to best meet your needs. You have options:

  • Work with a provider agency
  • Hire staff directly

Provider Qualifications

DDS has set qualifications that all providers must meet. These include education, training, and experience requirements for direct support, clinical, and professional staff.

Work With an Agency or Vendor

If you are interested in working with a provider agency, your case manager will give you a list of qualified providers in your area who can offer the services identified in your plan.

Hire Staff Directly

If you want to hire staff directly, you can work with a support broker. You have the right to select an independent support broker or a DDS broker who is a specially trained case manager with a smaller caseload. A support broker works with you to blend your natural supports with paid supports. They also help you develop your budget and coordinate your services and supports.

Contact Your Case Manager 

Report Abuse and Neglect