Supporting Transformation to Empower People

STEP is at the heart of DDS's work to help individuals experience the DDS mission and live the most inclusive, independent lives they can. DDS has a variety of services to help meet someone's support needs. These supports can help you or your family member reach your goals.

Enabling people to take more control of their lives and ensuring that they feel valued and respected in the process is a critical first STEP toward this goal. Many of the core STEP supports are newer and may be less familiar to some, so STEP is helping to highlight and expand them.


How do I take the next STEP?

Individuals, families and support teams who are interested in STEP should talk to your DDS Case Manager. Your Case Manager will help you figure out how to use your current funding in a creative way to access STEP supports. For more information about DDS services and supports and the funding requirements associated for each support, please contact your Case Manager. If you do not have a Case Manager or if you do not currently receive DDS funding, please contact your region’s help line here.

You can also use 2-1-1 Connecticut to speak with someone about more information on essential supports/services within the community. Inside of Connecticut? Dial 211. Outside of Connecticut? Dial 1-800-203-1234. Hearing Impaired? Dial 711.

STEP’s seven core supports


Become the employer of the people you choose to hire to provide your supports.

Community Companion Home

Where you are carefully matched with a licensed provider family.

Supportive Housing

Combines rental assistance with qualified support in an apartment setting.

Individualized Home Support

Qualified in-home and community support according to your person-centered plan.

Assistive Technology

Helps to improve your ability to live more independently at home, and in the community.

Remote Supports

Technology to connect you with staff or a caregiver who is not physically with you.


Find a job or day service that matches your interests and abilities.

STEP Information for Individuals & Families

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STEP Fact Sheet

Download the informational STEP Fact Sheet in English and Spanish. View STEP Fact Sheet in Spanish (PDF).
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STEP Video Series

Learn more about all of the core support options in our STEP Video Series.
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