Living In Your Community

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Right at Home

Our department's goal is to make sure individuals with intellectual disability enjoy a healthy life in their community. We do this by giving them the specialized support they need to thrive in their home. We give them the tools to form relationships, make decisions, and develop skills.

The types of community living services we provide include:

Supportive Housing in Your Home or Rental

Individualized Home Supports (IHS)

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Care and support in your home

IHS is a flexible and person-centered program that helps you or your family member with intellectual disability live in the home of their choice.

It is a tailored package of services and supports designed to best meet your needs, goals, and preferences in a home of your choosing.
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Supportive Housing

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The right rental with the right supports

Supportive Housing combines rental assistance with support from a qualified provider in an apartment setting. The goal is to help you or your family member live in their own home and community with the help they need to be successful.

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Community Companion Homes (CCH)

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Stay in the home of a welcoming, experienced family

In some situation, an individual with intellectual disabilities should live in a CCH. This is sometimes the best choice for you or your family member with an intellectual disability. A CCH is not a group home. It's a family that shares their home with someone eligible for DDS services.
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Group Homes in Your Community

Community Living Arrangements (CLA)

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Community Living Arrangements (CLA) are also known as group homes. DDS regions or private companies run them. They allow you or your family member with intellectual disability to live in regular homes in their community. 

Most houses are small and have room for up to six people. Most CLA homes are enrolled in a Medicaid program called Home and Community-Based Waiver. With this permission, they can get funds from the federal government. Some of these homes are certified as ICF/IID. ICF/IID stands for Intermediate Care Facilities for People with Intellectual Disabilities.

Continuous Residential Supports (CRS)

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Shared living situations for a group of people

Another community living scenario is possible with Continuous Residential Supports. A CRS is a place where three or fewer individuals choose to share a house or apartment. It isn't registered as a CLA, but staff can offer services and support 24 hours a day.
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Self-determination is a nationwide movement that promotes personal rights and freedom. The goal is for disabled people to live the lives they want. With the help of family and friends, individuals can control their own budgets and hire staff to provide the services they decide on.

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Supports that focus on independence, integration, and empowerment

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