2024 Project SEARCH Pilot Notice of Opportunity

Under the leadership of Commissioner Jordan Scheff, the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS) continues to vigorously promote Employment First. DDS has committed to be creative and persistent in establishing programs that provide support to help people with intellectual disabilities find, get, and keep Competitive Integrated Employment. This cannot be accomplished without increasing the capacity of private providers to produce meaningful competitive employment outcomes for the individuals we support.

DDS is pleased to announce that it will continue its collaboration with Project SEARCH to expand its presence in CT. DDS will cover the cost of the Project SEARCH Training and the Host Business License Fee for the selected providers for the initial year. The provider will assume these costs after the first year. Up to 4 applicants will be awarded this grant. Preference will be given to proposals for programs in those areas of the state that do not currently have a Project Search option.


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