Reassess or Re-Evaluate for Services

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I need information about reassessing or re-evaluating services for me or someone else.

In this article, learn about:

  • Reassessing your DDS services
  • Reassessing someone else’s services
  • Re-evaluating your child ages 5 to 8
  • DDS' right to re-evaluation
  • Resources for Missing Documents and Applying for Title 19 (Medicaid)
Reassessment of your DDS Services

This applies to individuals that may have accessed DDS supports in the past. 

  1. If you want to reassess your eligibility for DDS services, you can make a request to your region’s eligibility liaison.
    List of DDS regions. 
  2. This liaison determines if you have a record in the DDS database showing that you’ve received services before.
  3. If there is no record that you’ve received services and we are unable to make a determination of eligibility under Connecticut General Statute §1-1g, you’ll need to reapply for services.
    Find how to apply for services.
  4. If there is a record in the database or a historical file with a DDS number, your record will be reviewed to determine eligibility. Additional documentation may be requested.
  5. If your record is determined eligible, you’ll be reactivated for DDS services.
Reassessing Someone Else’s Services

If someone other than the applicant or another agency or facility calls DDS about a person who hasn't used DDS services in a while, the request is sent to the regional eligibility liaison.

The case won’t be discussed without a release from the applicant or their legal representative. The regional liaison will take the appropriate steps after DDS receives the release.

Re-Evaluation for Children Ages 5 to 8
  1. Children who got a DDS number when they were younger than age 5 must prove they meet the eligibility criteria again once they turn 5. Documentation must be provided to prove this under Connecticut General Statute §1-1g.
  2. If documentation is not received by age 8, we send a reminder letter to the child’s family. If documentation is not received by the due date in the letter, the child becomes ineligible for services.
  3. The Eligibility Unit is then notified of ineligible status. In this case, the child has a right to a hearing by the Eligibility Unit.
  4. When documentation is received, it’s evaluated by the child’s regional office. All information in the master file is reviewed.
  5. If the child is determined eligible based on Connecticut General Statute §1-1g, documentation is placed in the master file and services continue.
  6. If the region believes the child does not meet the criteria of Connecticut General Statute §1-1g, the Eligibility Unit is notified, and all regional information is sent to the Eligibility Unit for review.
  7. If found ineligible, the guardian is notified of the decision and of their right to an appeal hearing.

Request a Hearing

DDS Can Re-Evaluate Eligibility at Any Time
  1. At any age, DDS can re-evaluate a person’s eligibility based on the following:
    • Clinical opinion
    • New information
    • Any other relevant information that brings their continued eligibility into question based on Connecticut General Statute §1-1g.
    See Eligibility for DDS Services Procedure I.A.PR.001 (PDF) for more information about the eligibility process.
  2. If there is documentation that brings someone’s eligibility into question, based on Connecticut General Statute §1-1g, their region reviews the new documentation and the information in the person’s file.
  3. If the person is still determined to be eligible by the region, documentation is placed in the master file.
  4. If the person is found ineligible by the region, the Eligibility Unit is notified to review the information.
  5. If the regional office and the Eligibility Unit decide that person is ineligible, the person or their guardian is told about the decision and their right to an appeal meeting.



For assistance, call 1-866-433-8192 or 1-860-418-6117.

Contact the Eligibility Unit


Individuals that May Have Accessed DDS Supports in the Past

If you have previously accessed supports from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and are seeking help, start here. If you need to re-apply, help with guardianship, or have other questions, we can help you get going again!

Where to Begin

If you have used DDS services in the past and would like to start again, there are some steps you need to take. First, you must determine if you qualify. Learn more on our Reassessment/ Re-evaluation Fact Sheet.

Reapplying for Services

If you'd like to reapply for services, it is a straightforward process. You may need to update your information or create a new account. You can do this on the ConneCT homepage. On the homepage, you may also check eligibility, access your account, and more.

Collecting Important Documents

If you are missing some eligibility documents, it can delay your application process. Check out our Guide for Missing Eligibility Documents (PDF) to learn about other documents that you can provide instead.

Guardianship and Conservatorship

Applying for guardianship or conservatorship includes going through a probate court. You can learn all you need to know on our Guardianship page.

Applying for Title 19

Medicaid, often called Title 19, is a needs-based program to help pay for medical care. To be eligible for Medicaid, you must be a pregnant woman, a child, a member of a low-income family, or a person who is elderly, blind, or disabled. Learn more about Title 19 and Medicaid:

DDS Eligibility DDS Help