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DDS is committed to keeping individuals we support, their family members, the public, providers and staff members regularly updated.  Two of our communication methods include a digital e-newsletter and DDS texts sent to cell phones.  

Digital Email Newsletter 
DDS is embracing a more environmentally friendly means of sharing content and updates more frequently through digital communications.  By signing up for the monthly e-newsletter, you will receive important information on STEP and other DDS happenings we e-blast out to our community. 

To have our e-newsletter delivered to your email, please sign up here at or by scanning the QR code below. 

DDS Newsletter QR Code

DDS Text Messages 
DDS has launched a text message notification system to send individuals DDS supports, family members, providers and staff members text message updates.  Text messages will be sent once a quarter, you will receive one text message every four months.  If extremely important or urgent updates need to be sent out, these will be occasional.  You will not receive daily or weekly text messages from DDS.  Sign up for text messages here.

DDS texts will always come from the number 88911.  You can save this number in your phone as “CT DDS” so you know the text is an official text message from DDS.  Our texts will NEVER ask you for your personal information over text or by calling a phone number.

You can get DDS updates and alerts sent to you on any communication device that you use, such as your cell phone, email, or certain hearing-impaired devices by providing your information, and keeping it updated on this site. 

If you would like more frequent updates, please sign up for our monthly e-newsletter here.

DDS is a government agency and is required to be in compliance with certain security standards.  During the sign-up process, you will need to submit your name, address and a phone number so you can receive text messages.  The “location name” field is a nickname entry you can give the address you decide to use for your account.  Popular “location names” are “home” or “work.”  You do not need an email to register for an account.

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The DDS texting program sign-up process is as follows:

Click here to sign up for our DDS texting program account.  Follow the page-by-page instructions below.

  1. Page 1 - Sign Up: 
    1. First and Last Name
    2. Username and Password
    3. Security Question and Answer (for account recovery)
    4. Location Name (examples include "home" or "work")
    5. Address
    6. Cell phone number / primary texting number where you will receive texts
    7. Email (optional)

  2. Page 2 - Complete Profile:
    1. Profile summary and options to update previous information provided
    2. Time Zone selection (optional)
    3. Confirm phone numbers provided - home and work phones (optional)

  3. Page 3 - Complete Profile:
    1. Location verification and the option to add another location

  4. Page 4 - Complete Profile
    1. Additional Info that asks what is your DDS Status - Are you an individual DDS supports, a family member, a provider or a DDS staff member

  5. Page 5 - Review:
    1. Review your profile summary and click “Finish” at the bottom to complete your account
    2. You will also have the option to go back to your Profile, Location, or Additional Information

An instruction video will be added soon to walk through account set-up.

Individuals, family members, providers and staff who sign up for text messages will need to maintain their own accounts. If you need to update your account, change your information or confirm your subscription, please click here to visit the Everbridge website to update your account or view your account information.

If you do not remember the username you created for your DDS text message account, contact the DDS Support Team via email at for assistance in retrieving your username or if you need help with your account. 

If you are unable to retrieve your username, you will need to create a new account.  Please follow the “Sign Up” link to create a new DDS Updates account to receive text messages.  You will not receive duplicate messages if you have duplicate registrations. 
To STOP receiving DDS text notifications, you can stop receiving notifications by the following methods. 
SMS/TEXT Messages: TEXT STOP to 88911.