Assessing Level of Need for Supports

Department of Developmental Services case managers use a standardized tool-- CT Level of Need Assessment and Screening Tool (LON) to assess each individual’s level of need for supports and services.  Case Managers complete a LON in conjunction with people who know the consumer well; family, friends and providers.  The LON is used to assess individual need for supports and services and to allocate resources based on individual level of support need.  Key areas assessed by the tool are: health and medical; personal care activities; daily living activities; behavior; safety; support for waking hours, overnight support, comprehension and understanding, communication; transportation; social life, recreation, community activities; unpaid caregiver support.  A web-based data application generates a profile made up of a score in each of the various domains assessed and a composite LON score as well as an individualized risk profile that can be use to inform the development of the person’s Individual Plan.
Level of Need Assessment and Screening Tool
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