Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB)

Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFB) can enhance safety by reducing crashes between vehicles and pedestrians at uncontrolled approaches to unsignalized intersections and mid-block pedestrian crossings by increasing driver awareness of potential pedestrian conflicts. 

 Figure 1c - pedestrian (W11-2) sign with a downward diagonal arrow (W16-7P) supplemental plaque mounted below it. A rectangular rapid flashing beacon light bar is mounted between the sign and the plaque. The yellow rectangular indication on the left-hand side of the light bar is dark and the yellow rectangular indication on the right-hand side of the light bar is illuminated.

See the link for a brochure on RRFBs: Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons.

Towns interested in pursuing the installation of an RRFB on a State Route must submit an Encroachment Permit.  The following information will aid your submission


Pedestrian Countermeasures

Sample Plan - Solar Powered

Sample Plan - Hard Wired

Sample Special Provisions

Please click the link for additional information regarding the FHWA Interim Approval of Use for the RRFB.

The Interim Approval requires that a listing of all RRFB's be maintained.
When an RRFB is added or removed, the municipality must complete the spreadsheet and send it to