How to become a Licensed Building Code Enforcement Official


There are two routes to becoming a licensed building code enforcement official within the State of Connecticut – training and testing. To be admitted to either the Pre-Licensure Training Program or the credentialing examination for one of the nine categories of licensure, you must first meet the statutory and/or regulatory requirements established for that license.

The Pre-Licensure Training Program is designed to assist qualified individuals prepare for their licensure examination. The training is held from September through May and typically meets twice a week, followed by a final examination. Training days and length of exam vary by licensure type, and are detailed on the last page of the application form. The 2019/2020 Pre-Licensure Training Program is closed.  The 2020/2021 Pre-Licensure Training Program will not be held so as to update the curriculum to the new Code.

The tests for Building Official and the eight subcategories of licensure are offered four times a year (Quarterly Exams). The exam for Building Official licensure is six-hours in length; for the other subcategories, length of exams vary by licensure type.

Both the Pre-Licensure Training Program final exams and the Quarterly Exams are based on the code books adopted in the current Connecticut State Building Code.

Specific exam details can be found in the OEDM Building Licensure Testing Policy.