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CONNECT Digital Design Environment

Software Requirements

The CTDOT CONNECT DDE is configured to work with the following Bentley Systems, Inc. trademark products: 

  • OpenRoads Designer®
  • OpenBridge Modeler®
  • OpenRail Designer®
  • OpenBuildings Designer®
Electronic Engineering Data

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Mobile Inspection Technology

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Manuals & Guides

Digital Project Development Manual

The submission of Contract Documents shall be prepared and submitted to CTDOT in accordance with the Digital Project Development Manual.  This includes final plans, final special provisions, final estimates, addendum plans, addendum special provisions, design-initiated change order plans, design initiated special provisions, etc.


CTDOT Digital Design Environment Guide

The Digital Design Environment Guide (CAD Manual) provides guidance for the production of 2D/3D design models and contract sheets in accordance with CTDOT standards.


Other Resources

Cost Estimating

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Contract Development

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Contract Management

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