Contract Management

AASHTOWare Project

AASHTOWare Project is a web-based program consisting of several modules designed to meet state agency transportation needs. The construction contract is electronically managed in a standardized format, providing a collaborative environment and allowing the agency to make data-driven decisions related to its construction program in real time.  This system creates a consistent, integrated view of the construction management process, enabling agencies to manage information throughout the entire project lifecycle.


AASHTOWare Project Estimation User Guides and Templates

Direct Project and Cost Estimate Creation

Estimator Project Import and Cost Estimate Creation

Excel Cost Estimate Import/Export Process

Find Bid Data Research

Price Item Component

Excel Cost Estimate Project Entry Template

AASHTOWare Project Modules

Estimation                                                                                                 Civil Rights and Labor
(Highway Construction Cost Estimation)                                                   (Labor Compliance Activities)
Preconstruction                                                                                       Construction and Materials
(Proposal, Letting and Award System)                                                      (Construction Management System)
Bids                                                                                                            Data Analytics
(Electronic Bidding System)                                                                      (Data Warehouse & Decision Support)



Infotech Products    

(Bid Exchange Service)