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The items listed below represent some of the support services that are available to participants in the JFES program. JFES case managers typically connect their program participants with some or all of these supports in order to eliminate barriers that may make it difficult for the participant to meet the requirements of the JFES program.

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Barrier Intervention Referrals

This program provides Jobs First Employment Services (JFES) participants with in-depth home based assessments, intensive case management and referrals to community resources.

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Earned Income Tax Credit EITC

Helps Jobs First Employment Services (JFES) participants & low-income individuals meet expenses. The federal government has established the EITC. Eligible workers may receive these tax credits in the form of larger tax refunds after filing their federal income tax returns.

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Child Care Benefits Care 4 Kids

This is a child care assistance program administered by the Office of Early Childcare (OEC). The responsibility for the day-to-day operations of Care 4 Kids, including the determination of eligibility and issuance of benefits, is provided through United Way. Care 4 Kids provides financial child care assistance to Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) recipients who participate in the Jobs First Employment Services program (JFES), to low and moderate income working families, teen parents and children in foster care.

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Financial Literacy

Connecticut Money School (CMS) is a project led by Connecticut Association for Human Services (CAHS), which provides financial literacy workshops for individuals and families across Connecticut. CAHS helps provide Jobs First Employment Services (JFES) participants a better understanding of how to manage their finances. CAHS delivers workshops and 1-on-1 financial counseling for JFES participants. These sessions cover topics including help in budgeting, savings, understanding pay statements, credit, taxes and more.


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Husky Health Plan

In June 1998, the State of Connecticut opened the HUSKY Plan. HUSKY stands for Healthcare for UninSured Kids and Youth. It’s a service for all children who need health coverage. HUSKY offers a comprehensive health care benefit package for Connecticut children up to age 19. Depending on your family’s income, there may be no cost to you. All Jobs First Employment Services (JFES) participants are enrolled in the HUSKY Health Plan.

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United Way of Connecticut

United Way of Connecticut helps individuals such as Jobs First Employment Services (JFES) participants find and access health and human services including food, shelter, and other basic needs. United Way of Connecticut works with partners in the state government, local United Ways and Connecticut’s communities to implement strategies that can lead to community impact.

United Way of Connecticut’s goal is to help meet the needs of Connecticut residents by providing information, education and connection to services.

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United Way 2-1-1 Childcare

United Way of CT assists parents, caregivers and Jobs First Employment Services (JFES) participants with finding the best child care for their family, serves as a coordinated gateway to services for children with developmental or behavioral needs through programs, and responds to weather emergencies, natural disasters, and family and personal crises of any kind. The United Way/2-1-1 website offers childcare centers by location; hours and services are offered by child age group.

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Eligibility for the JFES program is only determined by the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS). Interested individuals need to be referred to the JFES program by DSS. 


Anyone interested in applying for Temporary Assistance (TFA) benefits or the JFES program should contact the DSS Client Information and Benefits Center. Persons with speech or hearing difficulties should call the TDD/TTY number. Follow the prompts to get the information you need. 


DSS Client Information and Benefits Center: 



For persons with speech or hearing difficulties: 

TDD/TTY 1-800-842-4524