State Insurance and Risk Management Board


The mission of the State Insurance and Risk Management Board is to protect assets of the State of Connecticut through a comprehensive and cost effective insurance and risk management program. Our goal is to provide the best insurance and risk management service possible for the State of Connecticut.

Claims Reporting – State Assets


This overview provides general claim reporting and handling instructions for the various property and casualty exposures faced by the State of Connecticut.  The prompt reporting of claims will protect the State’s interests and assist in minimizing the potential value of the loss.  Late and/or inaccurate claim reporting could jeopardize the State’s defense of the claim and add to the amount of the loss.

The responsibility for the claim does not end when the claim has been reported.  Every State agency and employee has an obligation to assist in the management of the claim.

Following an accident, which results in a claim, you may be contacted by a number of people.  Information should only be given to law enforcement authorities, claims adjusters hired by the State, defense attorneys representing the State, the office of the Insurance and Risk Management Board, and/or the Agent of Record.  

Protection of Assets

Immediately following a loss, every necessary precaution should be taken to prevent further damage or legal liability to third parties.

Claims Reporting

The timely and accurate reporting of a claim is critical in protecting the interests of the State.  For State Insurance and Risk Management Board purposes, claims fall into four categories.

A) Automobile Liability – These are liability losses to third parties involving State owned or leased motor vehicles.

B) Automobile Physical Damage (Comprehensive and Collision) – These are physical damage losses involving State owned or leased vehicles.  Please note that physical damage coverage is provided (subject to the deductible) only to State-owned vehicles over $100,000 or leased vehicles where coverage is required by contract.

C) Property – These are losses to State property other than motor vehicles resulting from perils such as fire, windstorm, theft, vandalism, etc.  Property includes such items as buildings, contents, equipment, fine arts and computer equipment.

D) Other – These are typically premises and operations losses, which occur off State premises and contractually the State was required to provide insurance.

All claims should be reported in accordance with the procedures listed below.

A) Automobile Liability

Report of State Owned or Leased Motor Vehicle

  • Use Vehicle Incident/Accident Report Form (formerly MVCU-1) to report all losses involving a State owned or leased automobile pertaining to personal injury and/or property damage to a non-state entity. This form must be completed within 48 hours of the incident or discovery for evaluation.
  • Complete all required information and make proper distribution as indicated on the form.
  • To expedite reporting of a personal injury claim, please contact the State’s Third Party Administrator, Constitution State Services (CSS).  The CSS (TeleClaim) telephone number is 1-800-832-7839, available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  Identify yourself as a State of Connecticut employee and provide the following information:


  • Caller's Name
  • Date and Time of Loss
  • Description of Loss

Injured Party

Location of accident/incident (city, state) 

  • Name and address of injured person(s)
  • Type of injury/part of body
  • Name and address of authorities contacted
  • Name and address of witnesses
  • Name and address of attorney

Auto/Property Damage

  • Name, address and phone number of other party 
  • Auto – describe property damages
  • Property – describe property damages
  • Name and address of authorities contacted
  • Name and address of witnesses

B) Property

Report of Loss or Damage to Property (Other Than Motor Vehicles)

  • Use Form CO-853 to report losses/damages to property other than vehicles. 
  • Complete all the required information and make proper distribution as indicated on the form.
  • In addition to the required distribution, if the loss or damage appears to be in excess of $100,000, please contact the office immediately at (860) 713-5223.

C) Other

For any other claim that does not fall under the above categories, please contact the office at (860) 713-5223.