Councils, Boards, and Commissions

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  • Building Code Training Council

    The Building Code Training Council is an advisory council to OEDM regarding training for building code enforcement officials.

  • Code Training and Education Fund Board of Control

    The Code Training and Education Board of Control approves the fiscal year budget of the Office of Education and Data Management OEDM), which carries out the credentialing functions of the Office of the State Building Inspector and the Office of the State Fire Marshal.

  • Codes Amendment Subcommittee

    Established pursuant to section 29-251-7b of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, the Code Amendment Subcommittee (a subcommittee of the Codes and Standards Committee) works with staff from the Offices of the State Building Inspector and State Fire Marshal to develop State Building and Fire Safety Codes.

  • Codes and Standards Committee

    Pursuant to the requirements of Connecticut General Statutes § 29-252, the State Building Inspector and the Codes and Standards Committee (CAS) are responsible for adoption of a State Building Code based on a nationally recognized model building code.

  • Commission for Educational Technology

    The Commission for Educational Technology is an independent group formed in 2000 by the Connecticut Legislature, composed of twenty leaders from education, business, information technology, and government. The Commission for Educational Technology is empowered by the General Assembly to envision, coordinate, and oversee the management and successful integration of technology in Connecticut's schools, libraries, colleges and universities.

  • Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority

    The CTPL Program provides workers access to paid leave for life events covered under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), the Connecticut Family and Medical Leave Act (CT FMLA) and the Connecticut Family Violence Leave Act:.

  • Employees' Review Board

    To decide personnel appeals of state managers and confidential employees or groups of such employees, who are not included in any collective bargaining unit of state employees.

  • Examining Board for Crane Operators

    The Examining Board for Crane Operators, established pursuant to C.G.S. 29-222 assists the Commissioner with specifying qualifications for applicants for licensure, requirements for examinations, procedures for issuance and renewal of licenses and certificates of registration, and examination and application fees. The Board administers and established passing grades for licensure examinations.

  • Fire Marshal Training Council

    The Fire Marshal Training Council is an advisory council to OEDM regarding training for fire officials.

  • Fire Prevention Code Advisory Committee

    The Office of State Fire Marshal is announcing its intent to adopt the 2018 Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code based on the 2015 edition of NFPA 1 - Fire Code. Technical review will be conducted by the Fire Prevention Code Advisory Committee in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal.

  • Joint Meetings of the Building Code and Fire Marshal Training Councils

    The Building Code Training Council and the Fire Marshal Training Council periodically meet to discuss training issue that are common to both Building Code Enforcement Officials and Fire Officials.

  • Marshal Commission, State

    The State Marshal Commission is an Executive Branch commission operating within the Department of Administrative Services with independent decision making authority.

  • School Building Projects Advisory Council

    The Connecticut School Building Projects Advisory Council’s mission is to provide recommendations and establish standards and guidelines for achievement on all major capital school construction, renovations, and alterations projects.

  • School Safety Infrastructure Council

    A uniform comprehensive threat assessment process, consistent criteria and corresponding building plans will help ensure a threshold level of awareness, responsiveness and security.

  • State Insurance and Risk Management Board

    The mission of the State Insurance and Risk Management Board is to protect assets of the State of Connecticut through a comprehensive and cost effective insurance and risk management program. Our goal is to provide the best insurance and risk management service possible for the State of Connecticut.