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The Connecticut Department of Transportation’s (CTDOT) Connect DDE (Digital Design Environment) is CTDOT’s new configuration/workspace for Bentley’s Connect Edition software.  The CTDOT Connect DDE contains resources, standards and the tools necessary for designing projects in accordance with CTDOT CAD Standards.


Transition Plan Frequently Asked Questions


Software Requirements

The CTDOT CONNECT DDE is configured to work with the following Bentley Systems, Inc. trademark products: 

  • OpenRoads Designer® (ORD) (Version is Bentley’s civil design software solution for surveying, drainage, subsurface utilities, roadway, and site design. ORD supersedes Bentley’s previous design software packages InRoads, GEOPAK, MX, and Power Civil. 
  • OpenBridge Modeler® (OBM) (Version is Bentleys’ 3D Bridge Modeling Software.   
  • OpenBuildings Designer® (OBD) (Version is Bentley’s Building Design and Energy Analysis Software. 
Please Note:


  1. CTDOT will not support the use of the DDE with the standalone CONNECT version of Microstation. The above three software include all the functionality of the standalone CONNECT version of Microstation with additional design specific capabilities for roadway, bridge, or building designs. OpenRoads designer, OpenBridge Modeler, and OpenBuildings Designer align with the Building Information Modeling (BIM) functionality needed to move design data through its lifecycle.  
  2. The CONNECT DDE is not configured to work with Bentley’s V8i SELECTseries products including MicroStation, InRoads and OpenRoads SS4. 


CTDOT DDE Guide – Bentley CONNECT Edition

This manual will include guidelines and workflows.


The Digital Project Development (DPD) Manual

This manual includes digital project requirements.


DDE Environment Set-Up for Consultant Engineers

The workflow for installing the DDE is available in Volume 1 of the CTDOT DDE Guide – Bentley CONNECT Edition.  This will instruct consultant engineers, municipalities and any other private parties on how to set up the CTDOT CONNECT DDE.  A .zip file is provided below for download, it contains a CTDOT standard WorkSet (Project) and CTDOT’s Configuration Files (Workspace).  All the necessary configurations and resource files (Cells, Level Names etc.) are contained within these files. The CTDOT CONNECT DDE is NOT configured to work with ProjectWise.



Dated - 05/06/2022


Note: The following additional files will need to be downloaded if OpenBuildings Designer is being used.

OpenBuildings Designer Dataset - 06/04/2021


Policies and Directive

Adhering to the following requirement shall be included in the general cost of doing business for the CTDOT and shall not be used to seek additional compensation.  Consultants working on existing CTDOT projects may migrate from previous Digital Design Environments to the latest CONNECT DDE (with no additional compensation).



“CONNECT Digital Design Environment (CAD Standards) for Capital Projects”

Overview:  This directive establishes the requirements to use Bentley’s CONNECT Suite of products with CTDOT’s CONNECT Digital Design Environment (CAD Standards) to prepare CAD models and contract plans for capital projects.



Coming Soon - “Computer Aided Design Software File Formats for Capital Projects”

Overview: This policy mandates design software standards.

Requests for additional information or comments should be addressed to: 

William S. Pratt, P.E. 
Transportation Principal Engineer
Phone: (860) 594-3320


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