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Navigating the Weekly Work Search Requirement


Beginning May 30, 2021, the work search was reinstated and requires claimants to look for work every week they file for unemployment benefits. The mandatory work search requirement was waived on March 19, 2020 as part of Connecticut’s public health response to the pandemic. The waiver allowed claimants to receive benefits even though they were not engaged in work search activities that are normally a condition of unemployment benefits.


Online work search reporting that was scheduled to begin on July 7, 2021 is rolling out to claimants. Filers will be prompted to report work search activities online with their weekly certification (on the green button on If you are not prompted to enter your work search activities online, it will be available to you soon. All claimants should continue to keep work search documentation in case of audit. 


Claimants must perform weekly work searches that demonstrate efforts to get full-time work (unless they are excused from the work search requirement through an employer or other program.) 




Each week you file a claim for benefits, you must:

  1. Actively look for work.
  2. Make a minimum of 3 work search activity efforts per week—1 of these must be an employer contact. A job interview is a valid work search activity but does not count as an employer contact. 
  3. Document all efforts to find work.
  4. Be prepared to provide proof of your work search activities.



Work search activities can be in person or virtual and may include the following:

  • Contacting an employer for full-time work.
    • You must have at least 1 employer contact in your weekly efforts.
  • Attending a workshop provided by an American Job Center.
  • Attending a job fair.
  • Participating in reemployment service activities provided by an American Job Center.
  • Creating a reemployment plan.
  • Attending a job interview.
  • Creating a resume, uploading the resume and making the resume viewable to employers in CTHires, Connecticut’s job bank.
  • Creating a personal user profile on a professional networking site.


Your search for work can be a combination of activities as long as at least one of the work search activities is an employer contact. 


For example:

  • 3 employer contacts, or
  • 2 employer contacts, plus 1 other work search activity, or
  • 1 employer contact, plus 2 other work search activities.



  • Part time workers must show they are looking for full time work. 



  • PUA claimants who are not self-employed must follow the work search guidelines referenced above.
  • PUA claimants who are self-employed must make 3 efforts per week as well.  
  • Self-employed PUA claimants may list their own business as the direct employer contact, and
  • Self-employed PUA claimants may engage in work search activities to support their employment, such as: 
  • contacting clients
  • sending out bids
  • maintaining business facilities and/or property
  • attending training
  • expanding business portfolio
  • developing marketing materials to expand customer base




  • June-July 6, 2021 claimants are required to keep records on work search activities. Use this form for guidance.
  • Beginning July 7, 2021, claimants are required to report their work search efforts online through their weekly claims filing on the green button on The agency urges claimants to keep their June work search documentation in the case of audit. 




Work search activities may be audited at any time.  Failure to provide information could result in a denial of unemployment benefits for that week; claimants may also have to pay back benefits already received.  


For Extended Benefits claimants:


Extended Benefit claimants that do not conduct required work search efforts will be ineligible for benefits until:

  • They have again become employed in at least four subsequent weeks; and
  • They have earned wages of at least four times their weekly benefit amount.


*Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC), the $300 ‘plus up,’ is not considered part of the weekly benefit. 

For example: If you receive $250 per week in Extended Benefits (excluding FPUC) and fail to conduct a work search, you are disqualified from receiving benefits until you work  as an employee for 4 weeks and earn $1000 in wages.




UI Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (UI RESEA)

Claimants who are selected for the UI RESEA program will show previous week work search efforts during the mandatory meeting. Failure to conduct reasonable efforts may disqualify you from receiving benefits for that week. RESEA.






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Work Search Email sent to claimants beginning May 23, 2021.

Questions? Call the Consumer Contact Center.