Operations Center Memo 2020-27 Provider EVV Initial Implementation Letter

Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) 7-6-20

Operation Center Memo 2020-26 Employment Transition Service Extension 7-1-20

Operation Center Memo 2020-25 Per Diem to Hourly Transition

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) update Memo to Providers 6-26-20

Corona Virus Relief Funds 6-26-20

Operation Center Memo 2020-24 Cost Settlement Initiative

Provider EVV Declaration

Flyer Virtual DDS Provider Meeting 6-19-20

Operations Center Memo FY2020-23 DDS Billing Attendance Update/Entering Billing Attendance during COVID-19

Operations Center Memo 2020-22 Private COVID-19 Post Exposure Guidance Updated-05-01-2020

IP Transcription Timeline Memo 4-30-20

DDS COVID-19 Temporary Provider Qualification Process 4-30-20

Operations Center Memo 2020-21 Private Provider - COVID-19 Post-Exposure Protocol for Individuals and Staff

Operations Center Memo 2020-20 FY2021 Operational Plan
FY21 Op Plan Users Guide
FY2021 Operational Plan (Op-Plan) Software

Operation Center Memo 2020-19 FY 2020 Eight Month Report Submission Due Date Extension 3-16-20

DDS COVID-19 Provider Status Report Instructions 3-13-20
DDS COVID-19 Provider Status Report 3-13-20

Provider Update 3-13-20

New COVID-19 Section 3-12-20

DDS Memo to Providers COVID-19 Guidance 3-11-20

Provider COOP Plans and COVID-19 Preparedness

Operation Center Memo 2020-18 FY2019 Cost Settlement Process

Operation Center Memo 2020-17 Eight Month Expense Report