In an effort to deliver services in a more contemporary and cost effective fashion, the State of Connecticut is moving to a new platform for processing the following:
  • Mandatory rights for eligible individuals (reemployment/SEBAC/other mandatory rights)
  • Statewide Transfer requests (non-mandatory transfers)
  • Rescind of Resignation or Retirement requests

Previously manual, these processes are being automated through new JobAps module called Freenames.

This section applies to:
Current or former State Employees who have been affected by the following:

  • Layoffs
  • Noticed for layoff
  • Accepted a demotion in lieu of layoff
  • Notified of eligibility for mandatory rights 
  • Recently failed a working test period and has permanent classified status
  • Exercising rights to return to the classified service from the unclassified service
  • Recently separated NP-2 employee with Article 39 Rights
  • Current employees who request to place their names on a Statewide Transfer list
    Former employees who request to rescind their resignation in good standing or voluntary retirement

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