Connecticut Core Standards

Text Complexity and Vocabulary Analyses - TeachFest Connecticut: Summer Academy

Lesson Plans for Grades K-5

Grade Title Created by
K-2 Mount Rushmore Amanda Demars
K-2 Awesome Amphibians Tracy Edgerly
K-2 Dear Mr. Blueberry Tori Basso
K-2 Monarch Butterfly Gail Gibbons
K-2 The Kissing Hand Stephanie Truksa
K-2 This Quiet Lady Sarah Dugas
K-2 Koalas by Laura Marsh Stacy Maule
K-2 Auntie Yang’s Great Soybean Picnic Story by Ginnie Lo Susan Caldwell
K-2 A Monarch Butterfly's Life Rachel Valentine
K-2 The Story of Ruby Bridges Patricia Scully
K-2 Halley Came to Jackson Penelope Igo-Clark
K-2 Owl Moon Patricia Onofrio
K-2 Chameleon’s Colors Tricia DeLapp
K-2 Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons Natalie Rudyk
K-2 A Caring Father Natasha Mills
K-2 Henry’s Freedom Box Nicolette Monarca
K-2 “A Tree Can Be…” MaryLou Czarnecki
K-2 Stone Fox Nicole Dabros
K-2 A Monster or a Fake? Lillian Sunderland
K-2 Rosa Lori Ann Hickey
K-2 “The Hat” by Jan Brett Lisa Burton
K-2 Frogs by Gail Gibbons by: Lisa DiCioccio
K-2 The Tree Lady: How One Tree-Loving Woman Changed a City Forever Lori Andrada
K-2 A Community of People Kate Tibbitts
K-2 A Pink Sheep by Kyria Abrahams Linda Pillo
K-2 Night of the Veggie Monster by George McClements Kelly Mocarsky
K-2 Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson Kerry Leff
K-2 The Happy Hedgehog by Marcus Pfister Kimberly Kreft
K-2 A History of TV Kimberly Gentile
K-2 A Star-Spangled Banner Kimberly Garger
K-2 The Gray Wolf by Ned Jensen Kris DiMaio
K-2 Sunflower House by Eve Bunting Jackie Vece
K-2 Air and Weather Joyce Pope
K-2 Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson Jennifer Riccio
K-2 The Seasons by Ian Smith Julie DeVito
K-2 Thanks to a Spire, New York’s New Skyscraper Is Now Nation’s Tallest JoAnn Frank
K-2 Honey Then and Now Julie Breault
K-2 A Lion’s Tale Heidi Borski
K-2 Christopher Columbus Hilary Kearcher
K-2 “Polar Bears“ by Gail Gibbons Ellen L. Repay
K-2 Poppleton in Winter by Cynthia Rylant Donna Schroyer
K-2 The Rock Cycle Dorothy N. Burns
K-2 Bugs Are Insects by Anne Rockwell Donna Bober
K-2 A New Family Colleen Tules
K-2 Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems Courtney Smith
K-2 Stellaluna by Janell Cannon Colleen Gallagher
K-2 Where the Red Fern Grows - Wilson Rawls Alicia Stofko
K-2 Sharks! By Anne Schreiber Allison Pascucci
K-2 From Seed to Pumpkin By: Wendy Pfeffer Amy Stiles
K-2 Important People- Michael Stahl Amanda Fecteau
K-2 Earth Dragon Awakes by Laurence Yep Adam Fassanella
K-2 Sheila Rae the Brave by Kevin Henkes Caroline Stackhouse
K-2 A Family of Artists Christine Butler
K-2 What Do You Do With An Idea? Brianna Flaherty
K-2 From Seed to Pumpkin Amanda Lynch
K-2 National Geographic Kids: Seed to Plant Amy Neureither
3-5 Earth Dragon Awakes by Laurence Yep Earth Dragon Awakes by Laurence Yep
3-5 When Charlie McButton Lost Power Kristina Kiley
3-5 Ruffled Feathers Kim Gott
3-5 George vs. George J. Brett VanderMale
3-5 Sailing for Freedom John Niemann
3-5 I Break Stuff for a Living Jim Eschert
3-5 “Can You Hear Me Now? – National Geographic Pathfinder Johnna Cunningham
3-5 Color and Light Jennifer Childree
3-5 The Lion and the Beetle The Lion and the Beetle
3-5 The Bleeding Scream Heather Bacchus
3-5 Energy Island Elaine Shapiro
3-5 Cool to Be Kind Erin Jones
3-5 Benjamin Franklin: The Ultimate Solution Creator Erica Augustyn
3-5 Kumak’s Fish Diane Olsen
3-5 A Quiet Hero Dianne Nelson
3-5 Winter’s Tail: How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again Donna Mingrone
3-5 Worldscapes: Keeping the Balance Diane Kinkade
3-5 A Great Speech Donna Drasch
3-5 A Summer’s Trade Dawn DeLia
3-5 Slavery, the Civil War & Reconstruction: The Emancipation Proclamation Denica Burnell
3-5 The School Days of an Indian Girl Debra Benedict
3-5 Abe’s Honest Words Christine Mercier
3-5 Saving the Great White Monster Cindy Marchell
3-5 Lost Treasure Cheryl Martinelli
3-5 Great Wall, Great Jump Cynthia Lindsley
3-5 Gettysburg: A costly win for the North Christine Lang
3-5 My Uncle Terwilliger on the Art of Eating Popovers Clare Kilfoyle
3-5 Got Poison? Crystal King
3-5 Faces of the Moon Clorinda Cuomo
3-5 Spaghetti Carolyn Didden
3-5 Kicking Unhealthy Food Out of School Cafeterias Caron Carpenter
3-5 Ice City Christina Altieri
3-5 The Noisiest Cat Bonnie Ruby
3-5 My Rows and Piles of Coins Brittany Wilczek
3-5 “Eleven” from Woman Hollering Creek Angela Jones
3-5 The Moon Over Star Whitney Olson
3-5 Star-Spangled Relic Terri Faucher
3-5 What About Me? Wendy Davis
3-5 Flight and Rocketry Thomas Ebersold
3-5 Whooping Cranes in Danger Tricia Lance
3-5 Star Times – 1984 Brings a Facelift for Lady Liberty Sandie Satkowski
3-5 A Very Messy Tea Party Tamara Brierley
3-5 Amazing Bats Sandra O’Gara
3-5 The Giving Tree Seth Lyall
3-5 Eleven Susan Klosowski
3-5 Paradise Lost Sheila Lewis
3-5 After the Tornado Stacy Dutil
3-5 Famous African Americans Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad Susan Hyatt
3-5 Colonization and the Revolutionary War Background to the Colonies Sarah Dorsey
3-5 Twilight Comes Twice Stephanie Davis
3-5 The Ducks and the Fox Rosie York
3-5 Enemies and Friends Rebecca Pilver
3-5 Rain, Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day Rosemary Humes
3-5 The Crocodile Ramsey Binnington
3-5 River to the Sea Patrick Walsh
3-5 The Hundred Dresses Robyn Albertson
3-5 A Sense of Plants Pamela Desmarais
3-5 The Stamp Act Nicole Solimine
3-5 Song and Dance Man Martha Wyatt
3-5 Extreme Survival: Polar Regions Nancy Hamilton
3-5 Chameleons Melissa O’Neil
3-5 Malala’s Dream Mary Lee Quinn
3-5 How Rocks Are Like Dessert Marcia Meakim
3-5 The Dragon Hunter Megan Field
3-5 Look Out! Mary Connolly
3-5 Help! Rainforest At Risk! Laura Moore
3-5 Snow by Cynthia Rylant Lynn Marinelli
3-5 Monticello: Thomas Jefferson’s Masterpiece Lynn S. MacLennan
3-5 Schooled - Gordon Korman Lauren Giroux
3-5 The Story of Ruby Bridges Leanora Donofrio
3-5 Number the Stars Keri Snowden
3-5 Stone Fox Kelly White
3-5 Frogs at Risk Kathryn Olesnevich
3-5 A Sudden Slice of Summer Kylie Rousseau
3-5 A Hurricane is a Big Storm Kerrie Niemann
3-5 The Junkyard Wonders Karen Libby
3-5 Iqbal A Novel Karyn Kruzick

Lesson Plans for Grades 6-8

Grade Title Created by
6-8 Important People Sheri Wilson
6-8 The Railway Train Sharon Bunyan
6-8 An Introduction to Poetry By Billy Collins Rachael Maginess
6-8 Combing the Universe for a New Galaxy Leads to Unexpected Space Discovery Monica Grezlik
6-8 Sticky Fingers, Helping Hands Lauren McKenna
6-8 Last of the original Navajo code talkers dies at 93 Lisa Henríquez
6-8 Shrewd Todie & Lyzer the Miser Katie St. John
6-8 The Boy In The Striped Pajamas Kathleen Simoneau
6-8 The Winnowing Kim Reilly
6-8 Those Winter Sundays Kristina Nero Rodriguez
6-8 Children Toil in India’s Mines, Despite Legal Ban Karyn Bacinskas
6-8 George vs. George: The American Revolution as seen from Both Sides Jessica Murray
6-8 Abraham Lincoln by Berton Bellis Hilary Evans
6-8 Grand Canyon's views could be altered by development Erica E. Watson
6-8 Tracking Tornadoes Elisha Rose
6-8 The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Emilia Cassata
6-8 A Jewish Hockey Player at History’s Indelible Crossroad Erin Georgini
6-8 Eleven by Sandra Cisneros Cathy Emerick
6-8 Shrewd Todie & Lyzer the Miser Danielle Muir & Katie St. John
6-8 The Witch by Jack Prelutsky Alyse Castonguay
6-8 The Outsiders – S.E. Hinton Ashley Millerd

Lesson Plans for Grades 9-12

Grade Title Created by
9-12 Ethicists Criticize Treatment of Teen, Texas Patient Theresa Thomas
9-12 Give me Liberty or Give me Death Rachel Liscinsky
9-12 Joyas Voladores Matthew West
9-12 TLA – Jane McFann Michael Webb
9-12 The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin Melinda Jackson
9-12 Excerpt from Narrative Of The Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave Michelle Henry
9-12 Huck Finn stirs up trouble again Lisa Martinchek
9-12 Letters from an American Farmer Laureen Anthony
9-12 Hamlet K. Tuthill-Jones
9-12 Resignation Speech August 8, 1974 - Richard Nixon Kristen Keska
9-12 The Pedestrian - Ray Bradbury Jennifer Kinsall
9-12 Nobel Acceptance Speech - Elie Wiesel Jessica Gillespie
9-12 No More Teachers? No More Books? Video Game Will Teach College Course Cynthia Wright
9-12 The Scarlet Ibis - James Hurst Caitlin Eichler
9-12 Why being a thinker means pocketing your smartphone Christina Carew
9-12 Can You Sue A Robot For Defamation? - Ryan Calo Alecia Walkuski