Connecticut Core Standards

Rating System

Step 1: Review units and lessons to determine if they meet a minimum EQuIP Rating of “Exemplar if Improved.” All English Language Arts and Mathematics units or lessons are reviewed by teams of teachers and CSDE staff using the rigorous EQuIP evaluation tools. EQuIP Rubrics were created through a collaborative process of several states and Achieve.

Step 2: Create annotations for unit and lesson exemplars. All English Language Arts, Mathematics and several other units or lessons are annotated by Connecticut educators and include a description, cautions, rationale for selection, and the list of relevant CCSS standards.

Step 3: Assign a three, four, or five apples rating based on annotation. The Connecticut ratings are:

3 apple rating

A useful CCSS curriculum resource with suggested improvements (see “Cautions”)


4 apple rating

A high quality CCSS curriculum resource with suggested improvements (see “Cautions”)


Five apple rating

An exemplary CCSS curriculum resource


To learn more about the Rubrics; to view EQuIP e-learning modules; or to see exemplars and student work samples, visit: