Connecticut Core Standards

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Lesson Plans for Grades K-5

Grade Title Created by
K-5 You can kick a ball, but can you do a pushup? Tracy Williams
K-5 The Weather by Kira Freed Stephanie Held

Lesson Plans for Grades 6-8

Grade Title Created by
6-8 If the Taliban takes power, Afghan women fear their freedoms may vanish Veronica Gelormino
6-8 Study May Spur Wider Use of Prenatal Gene Tests Trisha Pytko
6-8 This tree produces 40 different types of fruit Sherree Wolfgang
6-8 Revisiting the World of Wikipedia: Wicked or Wonderful Shelley Stedman
6-8 Malala the Powerful: the Amazing True Story of a 15-YearOld Girl who Stood up to a Deadly Terrorist Group Shannon Betts
6-8 A Ball of Energy - Gabrielle Sierra Ryan Connelly
6-8 Public divided on genetic testing to predict cancer risk: American national poll Michelle Hier Trani
6-8 Los 15: Orígenes y tradiciones Mary Fuller
6-8 Cassini spacecraft reveals 101 geysers and more on icy Saturn moon Kim Speight
6-8 Mexico’s President Asks for Tax on Soft Drinks to Cut Down on Obesity Harriett Canty
6-8 A Great Speech - Harold Holzer Donna Drasch
6-8 The Tour de France, again, has no women cyclists Debra Cassidy
6-8 Global Warming Could Cause More Wars, A Study Finds Blaise Messinger

Lesson Plans for Grades 9-12

Grade Title Created by
9-12 The Final Run of Ladder 3 Wayne Prygoda
9-12 Excerpts from The Prince - Niccolo Machiavelli Tim Zeuschner
9-12 This Was Their Finest Hour - Winston Churchill Steve Turgeon
9-12 Courthouse Rock Santina Scalia
9-12 Is it Plagiarism Yet? Sally Markiewicz
9-12 Shredderman 1 ~Secret Identity Rose Otten Paggioli
9-12 Pros and Cons of Social Media In The Classroom Nancy G. Maisonet
9-12 Sodium, Hiding in Plain Sight by - Jane E. Brody Martin Swanhall
9-12 Obama Asks for $3.7 Billion to Aid Border Melodee Smith
9-12 The Brown Man’s Burden - Henry Labouchere Lea McCabe
9-12 Heat of Fusion and Heat of Vaporization Experiment 19 Kristen Record
9-12 Tragedy of the Commons -Hardin K.Papa
9-12 The Plague Hits Florence - Giovanni Boccaccio Kailee Donovan
9-12 Qualitative Childcare: The Missing Element—MEN Jill Skidgell
9-12 Natural Gas: Pros and Cons - RP Siegel Joe Pellecchia
9-12 A New University Library Not Built for Books Greg Beyer
9-12 Letter in an American Missionary - Saum Song Bo Frank Macchi
9-12 The Bill of Rights: A Transcription Elizabeth Kowal
9-12 Play in Preschool: Why it Matters - Traci Geiser Dolores Walsh
9-12 The Battle of Stalingrad David Thoman
9-12 Even medical devices are not safe from cyber crime Donald Mason
9-12 We’ve taken the hysteria out of head lice Danielle Howarth
9-12 Preamble - The Founding Fathers Cheryl Lee
9-12 3-D printers use lasers on plastic and metal, not ink on paper Catherine Ellis
9-12 Chronicles of the Barbarians Bill Heughins
9-12 Ocean Algae Can Evolve Fast to Tackle Climate Change Ann-Marie Anderson