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ReEmployCT for Employers
Welcome Screen, Login Credentials & Employer Account Numbers


The ReEmployCT Welcome Screen

You will not be able to use existing credentials to access ReEmployCT; all employers and TPAS will have to credential after July 5, 2022. 

Below is a description of what new employers, existing employers, third-party agents (TPAs), and current ReEmployCT accountholders should do when they arrive at the ReEmployCT welcome screen.

New Employers

If you are registering your business with CTDOL for the first time, then you are a new employer, and you do not currently have an employer account number (EAN). We will give you an EAN at registration.

  • On the ReEmployCT Welcome screen, new employers should click on the blue Apply Here button in the New Employer Registration section.
    Apply Here

New employers can learn more about EANs on the ReEmployCT for Employers: Overview page.


Existing Employers

If you already have a CTDOL account, then that means you are an existing employer; that is, you registered with CTDOL prior to July 5, 2022, and you already have an Employer Account Number (EAN). In other words, you are new to the ReEmployCT system and do not yet have a ReEmployCT User ID or password. 

On the ReEmployCT Welcome screen, existing employers should: 

  1. Click on the blue Create a User ID and Password button. 
    Create User ID and Password
  2. You will then be directed to the ‘Employer Signup’ screen. On this screen:
    Employer Signup screen
    • (a) Enter your Employer Account Number (EAN).
    • (b) Enter a User ID. Your User ID must be 6 to 30 characters long.
    • (c) Create and confirm your password. Your password is case sensitive and must follow certain rules to protect the security of your account.
      • (i) To view these rules, click on the ‘?’ icon to the right of the Create Password field.
    • (d) In the ‘Information Submitted By’ section,
      • (i) Enter the submitter’s first name, middle initial, last name, phone number, and email address. 
      • (ii) Confirm the submitter’s email address. 
    • (e) Click on the Submit button. 

Existing employers can learn more about EANs on the ReEmployCT for Employers: Overview page.


Resolving Login Issues After Creating a ReEmployCT Account

Existing employers may receive an “Employer is currently signed up” message when they attempt to create a ReEmployCT account.

If you are an existing employer who received this message, 

  1. Go to the Employer/TPA section on the right. 
    Employer/TPA Log In
  2. Enter your newly created ReEmployCT User ID and password. 
  3. If your new User ID and password do not work, you must change your password first. To do so,
    • (a) Enter your User ID again.
    • (b) Click on Forgot Password.
    • (c) A temporary password will be emailed to you. At that point you will have access to your account and create a new password.
  4. If you do not receive a temporary password within 5 minutes, click on Forgot User ID.
    • (a) A new window will open. In this window, go to the Employers or Third Party Agents bullet.
    • (b) Click on the ReEmployCT User ID/Password Resets ( link.
      ReEmployCT User ID/Password Resets ( link
    • (c) Fill out the ReEmployCT User ID/Password Resets form.
    • (d) Submit the form to CTDOL for assistance.  


Third Party Agents

If you are an agent who submits Wage Reports, Tax Reports, Tax Payments, and/or RB Charge Payments on behalf of your clients, then you are a third-party agent (TPA). 

On the ReEmployCT Welcome screen, TPAs should click on the blue Create a TPA Account button in the Third Party Agents section of the page.
Create a TPA Account


Current ReEmployCT Accountholders

If you have already set up your ReEmployCT User ID and password, then you are a current ReEmployCT accountholder. This means you have an existing ReEmployCT account and can immediately proceed with using the ReEmployCT system. 

On the ReEmployCT Welcome screen, the Employer/TPA Log In section will be on the right. In this section, current ReEmployCT accountholders should:
Employer/TPA Log In

  1. Enter their User ID. 
  2. Enter their password. 
  3. Check the I’m not a robot box. 
  4. Click on the Log In button. 


Additional Resources for Employers


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