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  • A Programs and Services Overview of DAS Procurement

    DAS Procurement Services is comprised of the following five programs.

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  • All Plan Review Requirements and Documents for School Construction Projects

    The Plan Review Department has developed a set of requirements for obtaining Plan Approval for School Construction Projects.

  • All Required Forms Regarding Plan Review and Approval

    Find a List of Required Forms Regarding Plan Review and Approval

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  • Analytics & Business Intelligence Tools

    This service provides techniques and tools used in identifying, extracting, analyzing, querying, reporting, and predictive modeling of business data.

  • Application Delivery Controllers

    An application deliver controller is a device that is typically placed in a data center between the firewall and one or more web and/or application servers to provide load balancing, health checks, and high availability assurance. It also includes SSL off loading, as well as serving as a web application firewall.

  • Apply for an Alliance Grant

    Certified “Alliance Grant” districts that meet the requirements as defined in FORM SCG-1001 General Improvements to Alliance Districts’ School Buildings Grant Program Application Package, are eligible to submit applications for Alliance Grant funding.

  • Apply for School Construction Grants

    The Office of Grants Administration is responsible for the grant administration of all Connecticut public school construction projects seeking authorization for a State grant commitment. The Office actively serves the 169 Connecticut municipalities, 17 Regional School Districts and 6 Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs) in the project application process.

  • Automation Services

    The Department of Administrative Service Bureau of Information Technology Solutions Data Center Operations provides for workload automation using the Computer Associates ESP product.

  • BITS Payment Services Application

    The BITS Payment Service was created for the benefit of State Agencies that need to develop an application which has the ability to process credit card transactions.

  • BITS Service Desk

    The Department of Administrative Services Bureau of Information Technology Solutions (BITS) Help Desk serves as the single point of contact for all client information technology inquiries, requests and incidents.

  • BizNet Services

    BizNet is a DAS Application Framework used for in-house custom application development and support.

  • Building Code Training Council

    The Building Code Training Council is an advisory council to OEDM regarding training for building code enforcement officials.

  • Capitol Area System (CAS) District Heating and Cooling Loop

    The Capitol Area System (CAS) Management Unit operates the CAS district heating and cooling loop in the Hartford Capitol District which services 13 state buildings and four private buildings, totaling over three million square feet of building space.