State Surplus Property Auctions for State Agencies to Scrap (All Items)

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Register as a State Agency to post Surplus/Scrap Property:
  1. The Surplus Administrator or Supervisor will fill out the State Surplus Program App for State Agencies for the new employee.
  2. Email the completed application to the DAS Surplus Team.  A confirmation email with specific instructions to register at Public Surplus as a State Employee will be sent to the employee, copying the Surplus Admin/Supervisor.
  3. When the email is received, the employee will use the attached instructions and specified link to get to the special registration page (it will say 'state employees' are in the right spot).
  4. Follow instructions to fill out all of the information and confirm registration.
Surplus Property and Vehicle Contract
# 22PSX0014 NASPO Value Point - Online Auction Services for the Sale of Surplus Property

Electronics Recycling Contract
# 22PSX0009AA Shredding Services