State Surplus Property Auctions for State Agencies to Scrap (All Items)

How To

Create a Scrap Auction for any State-Owned Items This section gives instructions on how to scrap all items.  There is a slight difference when scrapping computers, laptops and hard drives, so please be aware of those changes.  Items that are considered 'obsolete' by State Agencies may still be useful to non-profits, so as long as these items work (even if they do not have a hard drive), they should be put on as Surplus for potential reallocation. Please note that you can and should put multiple, mixed/varied items on one scrap request to save both your time and the time of the DAS State Surplus Program staff.  The exception to this is computers, laptops and hard drives.  These will need their own auction, but can be varied within that request. BEST OPTION:  Copying an Auction Once the DAS State Surplus staff has approved and released one of your actions, you can ‘Copy’ the auction to save a lot of steps for future auctions. This saves you and the DAS State Surplus Staff time, and it means your auctions should be released much quicker.
Instructions follow:
  1. Locate the SCRAP auction you want to copy (in Closed auctions – which means that the DAS State Surplus Unit has reviewed them and made any corrections - be sure it conforms with the type of auction you are doing - scrap or surplus and regular property or computers/laptops/hard drives).  DAS Surplus staff adds a disclaimer to each auction description, which is a summary of the Terms and Conditions.  Please do not delete this summary when revising your auction.
  2. Open the auction.  
  3. On the right hand side there is an option for COPY ITEM.  
  4. Click on [Copy Item] and the same auction will populate.
  5. Go through the auction and make the minor changes you need to turn this into your new auction.
  6. When all changes are made, click ‘Copy’ (instead of clicking ‘Save’).  
  7. A new auction number will be generated.

Create an Auction A. Scrapping computers, laptops and/or hard drives - Start Here:

1. Fill out the Request for Immediate Scrap of Computers/Laptops/Hard Drives form.  Follow the instructions on the top of the form.
         a.  For Scrap computers, laptops and hard drives, you should can put various makes
              and models on each form/auction. 
         b.  If there are multiples, it will always show as the total quantity listed. Once your form is complete, you are ready to enter the auction on Public Surplus.

B. All Others - Start Here - Access the Auction Creation Page

  1. Log in to Public Surplus with your state username and password.
  2. Click the "Auctions" link on the toolbar in the upper right section of the page.
  3. A toolbar will appear below the main toolbar. Click on the ‘Sell’ tab. You will now see a blank auction creation page. You will create the auction by completing the sections. Each section has a blue header with a question mark PS Icon - Help Question Mark icon. Clicking on the icon will pull up the "help" information for that section.
  4. Follow the instructions below to complete each section.  

    Note:  If your agency does not have its own form to identify and justify disposal of surplus property, the Surplus Property Program provides the following form as your record to document such surplus property and the justification: DPS-38 Disposal of Surplus/Scrap Property Form.  These completed forms are your records as to why you placed something on surplus.

C. Internal Reallocation Section

  • Internal Reallocation = 4 Days and $0.00
  • Municipalities = 0 Days and $50.00
  • Non-Profits = 0 Days and $0.00

D. Public Auction Duration Section

  • Time Frame = Not for Public Auction
  • End Time - All auctions will have an end time of 8:00pm.

E. Category Section

From the drop down box, select the category the best matches your auction.  If you do not see something specific, you can find the main category and choose GENERAL as your sub-category.  Even though this is a SCRAP auction, you do not use the SCRAP category.  That is reserved for when we are selling scrap items (such as scrap metal).

F. Content Section

  1. Title -  Type the title of the auction item in the "Title" box.  The title should reflect what the item is, followed by limited details.
    - Example 1: **SCRAP** Desk - Corner
    - Example 2: **SCRAP** Laptops - Dell ~ 5
  2. Template
    - Choose appropriate template and use only if posting heavy equipment/machinery (forklifts, riding mowers, vehicles, etc) or vehicles (when approved to go    on this site)
  3. General Description
    - Type a general description of the item in the "General Description" field. This can   be any information to give buyers a clear description of the item (use format below):
    - Make:
    - Model:
    - Serial #
    - Explain why you are requesting to ‘Scrap’ an item.  Use this space to say what is wrong with the item and why it is considered scrap. Obsolete is not a reason for scrap.  If you want to turn metal items in for scrap metal, this is where you give that information, as well.
  4. Pictures, videos and/or documents
    - You must have a photo attached to your auction for it to be approve by the DAS State Surplus Program. A photo is needed for any auction, including SCRAP.  An unlimited number of pictures and documents can be uploaded to the auction.
    - Click on "Upload Images and Documents".  
    - Select the picture or document from your hard drive and click "save".  
    - Rearrange items as needed, following the instructions in this section.  Be sure to include close-ups of any defects on the item and clear close ups of any informational or manufacturer labels, if there are any.
    - If this is a scrap request for computers, laptops and/or hard drives, you will upload your completed Request for Immediate Scrap of
    Drives form
  5. Condition
    - From the drop down box, select the “Condition” of the item.
    - For ‘Scrap’ items, choose ‘See Description’ (you should have already listed why the item is scrap in the description section).
  6. Item Code/Tag
    - If applicable, type your inventory number in this field. This is an internal number created by your agency.  You should always list your inventory tag numbers in this section.  This helps when running reports for inventory or audit purposes.  
    - If you have multiple tag numbers, use a comma after the number followed by a space and type the next number (ex. 1234, 1235). If the total number of characters exceeds the field (75 characters), note ‘See Description’ in the Item Code/Tag field and list the tag numbers in the description.  Do not put anything else in this field.  
    - Leave blank if not tagged.

G. Pickup Location and Contact Section

  1. Department - For most users, this field is pre-set.  For anyone approved to more than one area:  From the drop down menu, select the "Department" for which you are selling the property.
  2. Pickup Location - From the drop down menu, select the "Pickup Location".  If your pickup location is not listed, refer to Section B: Add a Pickup Location.
  3. Main Contact - The "Main Contact" is automatically populated with your information, and can be changed by clicking "Change Contact".  An "Email Contact" can also be added (they must also be registered on the site) if there is another person you need to keep informed about the auction creation, end of auction and payment information.

H. Payment Details Section - The tax amount will be defaulted to 6.35%.  Do not change it.  “Tax Exempt” is an option but will rarely, if ever, be used.

I. Quantity - Based on your title, determine your quantity.  If you are only requesting to scrap 1 item in this auction, your quantity is 1.  If you are requesting multiple items, add them up and your quantity is the total.

  • Example 1 – Single Item only: **SCRAP** Desk - Corner = Quantity 1
  • Example 2 – Dutch Auction: **SCRAP** Laptops - Dell ~ 5 = Quantity 5 PS Icon - Shoe - Dutch Auction

J. Minimum Bid Amount - Type the "Minimum Bid Amount" in the field.  All items start at $1.00 (even if they are never intended to go to the public).

K. Reserve Price - Not applicable – Do not enter anything here.

L. Save

  • When all appropriate fields have been completed, click the "SAVE" button at the bottom of the page. If a required field has not been completed, a red star will appear next to the field. 
  • When the auction has been saved, you will see a preview of the auction page and have the opportunity to revise or copy from the preview page. 

M. ‘Held’ Section

The auction will be saved in the "Held" auction section until the auction is released.  DAS State Surplus Program staff will review the auction.  If there is missing or incomplete information, Surplus staff will email the creator of the auction and ask them to revise the auction with additional information.

When all information is complete, DAS Surplus staff will release the auction and it will now show up in the ‘Current’ auction section.

When the auction is released you will not receive notification.  We ask that you check the CURRENT auctions page and when your auction is there, print it (2-sided) and attach it to your auction surplus property so anyone looking at the property has the auction details available (when the auction started and closed, as well as the auction number).  This makes it easier to identify when a buyer arrives, as well as to let other agency staff know this item is no longer available for agency use.


To Add a Pickup Location (if needed)

  1. Email the DAS Surplus Team
  2. Subject Line:  Public Surplus New Location Request for (Agency Name/Acronym)
  3. Body:  Include all address information, and if there is a specific location contact that is not a Public Surplus user, include the name and email/phone number.

    A DAS Surplus Team member will reach out to you when the location has been added.