Office of State Fire Marshal

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  • Crane Registration

  • Burn Injury Reporting

  • Apply for a CT Demolition License

    Businesses that engage in demolition operations are required to obtain a license pursuant to C. G. S. Chapter 541 Sections 29-401 through 29-403

  • Apply for a CT Hoisting Equipment Operator License

    A Connecticut Hoisting Equipment Operator License is required to operate hoisting equipment

  • CT Fire Safety and Prevention Codes

    Connecticut’s State Fire Prevention Code and State Fire Safety Code are administered by the State Fire Marshal in conjunction with an advisory committee and the Codes and Standards Committee, respectively.

  • Fire Prevention Code Advisory Committee

    The Office of State Fire Marshal is announcing its intent to adopt the 2018 Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code based on the 2015 edition of NFPA 1 - Fire Code. Technical review will be conducted by the Fire Prevention Code Advisory Committee in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal.

  • Apply for a Crane Operator License, Registration, Renewal and Re-Testing

    To operate a crane or hoisting equipment in the state of Connecticut, you must hold a valid operator license.

  • Office of State Fire Marshal

    Connecticut’s State Fire Marshal, William Abbott, leads the Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM), which is within the Department of Administrative Services. OSFM is responsible for promulgating and enforcing codes, standards and regulations to reduce the harm associated with fires, explosions, and mechanical failures.

  • Special Hazards in the Fire Prevention Code

    The Special Hazards Unit enforces the Fire Prevention Code and renders decisions on variations and exemptions or approved equivalent or alternative compliance.

  • Examining Board for Crane Operators

    The Examining Board for Crane Operators, established pursuant to C.G.S. 29-222 assists the Commissioner with specifying qualifications for applicants for licensure, requirements for examinations, procedures for issuance and renewal of licenses and certificates of registration, and examination and application fees. The Board administers and established passing grades for licensure examinations.