Apply for a Crane Operator License, Registration, Renewal and Re-Testing


Notice - Crane Operators: In response to OSHA’s proposed amendment to delay its requirement for crane operator certification from November 10, 2017, to November 17, 2018, the Department of Administrative Services, Office of the State Fire Marshal, issues this clarification regarding Connecticut state crane operator licenses. All Connecticut crane operator licenses are valid until the expiration date on the face of the license. Pursuant to section 29-223 of the Connecticut General Statutes, no crane operator license will be renewed unless such operator has taken and passed a retest exam within the four years leading up to such renewal date. The license of any operator who has not taken a retest prior to October 1, 2017, remains valid until its renewal date

Pursuant to Sec. 29-224 of the Connecticut General Statute; No person shall engage in, practice or offer to perform the work of a crane operator, except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, who is not the holder of a valid license issued by the board.