DAS Fleet Daily Rental State Vehicles

How To

Daily Rental Vehicles
  • Each driver must obtain authorization from his or her supervisor before making arrangements for the rental vehicle.
  • The Rental Authorization Form must be emailed or faxed to the intended rental location at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Based upon customer needs, DAS Fleet Operations will notify the driver where and when to pick up the vehicle keys.
  • The driver will be required to present the completed Rental Authorization Form, signed by his or her supervisor, at the time of vehicle pick-up before a vehicle will be furnished.
  • Should the driver’s plans change and it becomes necessary to cancel a reservation, DAS Fleet Operations requires 24 hours notice, otherwise a cancellation fee will be charged to the driver’s agency.
  • If, after picking up a vehicle, a driver would like to extend the rental period, he or she must contact DAS Fleet Operations as soon as possible to determine if the requested change in the rental period can be accommodated.