DAS Fleet Daily Rental State Vehicles


  • Arranging a rental vehicle for out-of-state travel. (DAS Procurement Services Contract #13PSX0302)

    If you are traveling out-of-state on business and need to arrange a rental vehicle for the destination you are flying into, you can book a rental vehicle at the time of scheduling the flight. The state's designated travel agent is Sanditz Travel Services, which provides travel services, including rail, hotel, auto reservations, air travel information and airline ticketing. Booking the travel through our travel liaison will ease the process as they will have access to the appropriate billing rates and will make the arrangements with the destination location for you.


    When calling to reserve a rental vehicle or booking directly on the Enterprise website please reference the main account number XZ48536, or your department's individual account number if applicable.


    For contract assistance specifically related to rental vehicle billing assistance (if your department needs to be setup for direct billing/invoicing), current pricing, or other account information, please use the following contact:


    Liz Betz – (781) 752-8395
    Enterprise Holdings Inc. /CAMRAC LLC
    8 Ella Grasso Turnpike
    Windsor Locks, CT 06096

  • If I am using a commercial rental vehicle for out-of-state travel do I need to purchase additional insurance?

    If you are using the commercial rental vehicle contract for out-of-state travel, it includes a full collision damage waiver and 100/300/50 liability coverage.

  • How much do rentals cost?
    Vehicle Type Hourly Daily
    Compact $6.00 $26.00
    Hybrid $6.00 $27.00
    Mid-size Car $6.00 $29.00
    Electric $7.00 $32.00
    Mini Cargo Van $7.00 $33.00
    Full-size Car $8.00 $34.00
    Mini Van $8.00 $35.00
    Light-Duty Truck $8.00 $37.00
    Mid-size SUV $8.00 $37.00
    Full-size Cargo Van $9.00 $41.00
    Full-size SUV $9.00 $42.00
    Full-size Van $9.00 $42.00
    Heavy-Duty Truck $11.00  $48.00
    Box Truck $11.00


    Wheelchair Van $14.00 $61.00

    The hourly rate will convert to the daily rate once the hourly calculation exceeds the daily rate.

    Additional Charges:
    Charge for failure to pick up a reserved vehicle.
    Charge for failure to return vehicle
    with proper fuel level (3/4 tank or more)
    Charge for failure to provide 24-hour
    notice of cancellation of a reservation
    Cleaning Charge
    Costs incurred if it is necessary to clean
    a vehicle before it can be dispatched again
    Actual costs of cleaning
    Repair Charge
    Costs incurred to repair any vehicle damaged
    Actual costs of repair
    Failure to Return Equipment
    Charge for failing to return the vehicle and gas keys
    and/or garage pass (if any) when the vehicle is returned
    Lost Equipment
    Charge for replacing lost vehicle and gas keys and/or
    lost garage pass. DAS Fleet Operations defines an
    item as lost if it is not returned within 24 hours of the return of the vehicle
    Actual cost of obtaining replacement item