DAS Fleet Daily Rental State Vehicles


DAS General Letter #115 contains the DAS policy for use of state-owned motor vehicles and personally-owned motor vehicles on state business.


All state employees utilizing inter-agency pool vehicles will be required to:

  • Be familiar with and comply with all provisions of DAS General Letter #115. 
  • Obey all motor vehicle laws, including posted speed limits, and laws requiring seat belts and forbidding driver use of cell phones. Parking fines or other violations charges are the personal responsibility of the driver and must be paid promptly. 
  • Present a current, valid driver’s license and a State of Connecticut departmental ID in order to receive the keys for a vehicle.
  • Make a visual inspection of the vehicle before leaving the area and report any damage to the motor pool operator immediately.
  • Rentals must be returned to the same fleet facility they were obtained from.
  • Return the vehicle with at least a 3/4 tank of fuel.
  • Return the vehicle, keys and garage card (if any) at the scheduled time and in the designated location.
  • Upon returning, remove all personal belongings, including trash, from the vehicle, roll up all windows and lock the vehicle.
  • Complete the starting and ending mileage on the Vehicle Dispatch slip and immediately upon returning the vehicle, give the completed Vehicle Dispatch slip to the motor pool operator.