DAS Basic Fleet Information and Services

How To

File a State Vehicle Complaint

DAS Fleet Operations leases more than 3,600 vehicles to support the business requirements of over 90 state agencies. On average, our fleet vehicles log around 30,000,000 miles a year, on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis; even weekends and holidays! With so many miles driven, DAS Fleet Operations is strongly committed to driver safety. Through its Safe Driving Program, DAS offers:

  • Driver’s License History Checks to ensure that all employees are properly licensed and that their license is valid and unrestricted;
  • Mandatory Periodic On-Line Driver Training;
  • Information on safe driving practices; and
  • Updates and informational bulletins pertaining to driver responsibilities while on the road and compliance with Title 14 of the Connecticut General Statutes.

The “Am I Driving Safely?” program is a continuation of these efforts. It provides the public with a method to readily identify State Vehicles, and have the means to report what they perceive to be an incident of unsafe driving or the perceived misuse of a State Vehicle.

    Vehicle Operation Complaint (Am I Driving Safely?)